For long-term car rentals in Bangkok, Bizcar has a wide selection of vehicles and currently maintains a fleet of 5,000 sedans, luxury sedans, suvs, vans and mpv vehicles that suit all long-term rental needs.

The transportation needs of both business and leisure travelers can extend for more than just a couple of months. From business people who visit Bangkok to set up a company or handle issues of their international company branch in Thailand, to travelers who would love to explore Thailand for up to three months or more. 



Bizcar Rental has set up a special program to serve our long-term customers in Thailand. The benefits of a long-term rental car are many. It eliminates the renter from having to deal with any of the logistical issues that face car owners, such as registration, annual road tax or insurance. and by renting on a long-term basis from Bizcar, you’ll enjoy trouble-free driving in Bangkok and the rest of Thailand.

We provide customers; government agencies, state enterprises and private corporations, with special tailor made long term rental agreements for periods that exceed 12months. Our long-term rental program features a flat rate with a 1st class insurance policy and free maintenance for the duration of the rental period with no down payment necessary. In addition, you’ll enjoy:

  • • 1st class insurance
  • • No down payment
  • • No Registration Fees
  • • No Annual Road Tax
  • • 24-hour Replacement Car
  • • On-board GPS System (Optional)

If you have any problems with your car while on the road, simply call the Bizcar office and we’ll promptly arrange for a replacement car. 

At Bizcar, we are proud to have achieved an ISO:9001 standard through our quality management system. This standard guarantees that we provide the highest level of service and products to our customers.

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